A comparison of democracy in american and athenian governments

Influential lobbyists, such as religious groups, the American Firearm Association etc. Wikimedia One of the main reasons the institution of democracy is still important is how well it worked at the time it was first implemented.

The goal of the constitutional republic of the United States and others is that no individual group is able to achieve absolute power, but is controlled by the constitution, which limits the power of the government, and therefore makes it constitutional.

In Athens, a political party would have had no effect, because there was no need for people to conform to popular opinions. Many voters were not interested in politics and considered it a burden to participate while the farm needed attention, or just because they had a general lack of political interest.

Was Ancient Greek Democracy Better than Today’s American Democracy?

In Athens, the so-called strategoi or generals were determined by election of each tribe. Constitution that the Founding Fathers were inspired, at least in part, by the democratic institutions of ancient Athens.

Compare and contrast Athenian democracy and modern democracy.

Limits on Participation In ancient Athens, the most advanced Grecian city state, more than half the population was made up of slaves.

Similarities What was known as true democracy in Athens, where sovereignty was lodged in the assembly of all citizens eligible to participate, does not exist in the U.

Especially when the candidate acts shortly after being elected, the public tends to forget his failures and broken promises. In addition, the Congress is in charge of the purse and of possible impeachments against members of the Congress and — by exception — against the President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton are examples of rather poor, though well educated people who were able to win a presidential election.

Another serious issue is the lack of accountability concerning elected representatives. Women cannot vote in Athens but they can in the US. The good thing about democracy in Ancient Athens was that there was a lot less voter ignorance.

Election vs Lottery The Boule, or Council ofand the Dikasteria also did not have elected leaders in the way that the U. Women, children and slaves were excluded from any political activity. This early attempt at a fair and equal government run by the citizenry was unprecedented, and it served as a model for all the democratic governments that came after it.

Promises are sometimes broken and the actions taken are often contradictory to the desires and demands of the electorate. The elitism of the Athenians was perhaps intended by the Founding Fathers to be prominent in the US, but thankfully, the two parties system in place now is a big leap from what democracy used to be.

How Was Democracy in Ancient Greece Different From in the US?

Pericles changed this law in B. Worked at the Time Solon, another founder of Greek Democracy. Basically, the citizens of Athens voted for the legislative acts themselves rather than the people who implemented these acts. The arguments cannot be seen as right or wrong, or black and white. The Athenian women had no such right.

We the People Oppressed by the oligarchical rule of a handful of aristocrats, the ancient Athenians sought a government where all citizens would determine how the state was run. He changed the political map of Athens and its neighborhood significantly. They are responsible for federal laws, they can approve treaties and they are able officially to declare a war.What are the similarities and differences between the Roman republican state and the Athenian polis?

What was the difference between Roman and Athenian governments? The Athenian democracy. Transcript of Compare & Contrst: United States democracy vs. Ancient Greek democracy - the Boule and the Ecclesia Executive -enforced the laws Judicial -interpreted the laws Athenian Democracy Comparing And Contrasting: Ancient Athenian Government vs.

Though there are many significant differences between the direct democracy of Athens and the democratic republic of the United States, many aspects of Athenian government look very familiar to us. Dec 09,  · U.S.

Democracy compared to ancient Athenian Democracy In comparison, Athenian citizenship was only guaranteed to freeborn citizens, whose father was also a freeborn Athenian.

Pericles changed this law in B.C. by stating that both the father and the mother had to be Athenian born. Does anyone think the US government. The Athenian system of democracy was different from the modern system because the Athenian government only granted the rights of citizenship to men who owned property and who had completed their military training.

The system excluded women, slaves, and children from being full citizens. Ancient Athens and US Government. Search this site. Government. Legislative Bodies of the United States Government. Why is the Ancient Athens considered to be the beginning of democracy?

The Athenian legislative bodies were split into 3 groups whereas the US legislative bodies were split into 2 groups. The presidency role in .

A comparison of democracy in american and athenian governments
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