An examination of the exercise of corporate social responsibility of costco wholesale corporation an

Between andthe number of members of Costco increased from 58, to 64, to 67, respectively [6]. Costco has a Corporate Sustainability and Energy Group and a greenhouse gas reduction program. Steps are also being made toward more efficient recycling, implementing energy-saving lighting including LED and HID lights, and eliminating polyvinyl chloride PVC plastic in packaging4.

Success in doing so could lead to long-term beneficial effects for Costco, such as a stronger brand image and customer loyalty.

For example, the company continues to expand its operations in the United States and overseas. In his third formulation of the categorical imperative, Kant explains the business firm as a moral community.

The company and these stakeholders significantly affect each other. Take those famous Calvin Klein jeans that have been a mainstay at Costco over the years.

Also, Costco works with its suppliers to make sure that everyone is getting a fair return. Costco offers a number of different membership options, which have special benefits depending on the type of customer.

Many analysts on Wall Street believe that they are foolish to treat their employees and customers so well because it takes away from their bottom line. This trial is scheduled to begin in January of Their policy of concentrating on all stakeholders may look costly at the surface, but it has proven to be beneficial in the long run.

Walk into any Costco and look at the name tags.

Costco, the Genuine Retail CSR Leader?

State law requires the proper disposal of these materials within 90 days, but some were put in the normal trash or not thrown out at all5. Retrieved November 16,from Edgar Online. The interests of this stakeholder group include quality and affordability of products.

They strive to promote a very tight-knit community. These shifts in business practices are great news for fish, pigs and of course, the environment and our health. Despite how much Costco is criticized, Immanuel Kant would likely praise their strategies. Investors are significant stakeholders because they determine the capital available to grow the business.

The interests of this stakeholder group are profitability and business growth. She asked for reflection on the existence of benevolent capitalism. Many people will look at these numbers and wonder how Costco does it. As touched on in the Galanti quote above, Costco makes it a point to pay their employees well.

Benevolent capitalism is hard to perfect in practice, because the size of corporations means that some of the pieces can easily fall through the cracks. Costco prioritizes employees as the most significant of its stakeholders. Follow Leon Kaye leonkaye.

Costco needs to satisfy the interests of investors as one of its main stakeholder groups. Costco is clearly working to be a benevolent corporation; they are leaders of corporate social responsibility and environmental issues, but they are not perfect in either aspect.

The informal system of promotions Costco has set up makes this discrimination possible, because without set rules human bias can effect decisions. For example, the company gives grants to local and regional organizations to support children, education, and health and human services.

If you believe all workers should have the chance to earn a decent wage and be rewarded for hard work, shopping at Costco is an easy choice to make.

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The women tried to get Costco to change its promotion policies without a lawsuit, but Costco did not change them. In light of the changing market conditions, Costco continues in evolving its corporate social responsibility programs and policies for long-term viability in the global retail industry.

But in the end, the company treats its employees and shareholders more than decently. If you bought Costco stock a decade ago, your investment has roughly tripled in value. Ever since its start inCostco has been praised for its stance regarding corporate social responsibility; and these values are what make Costco the company it is today.

Works Cited 1 Greenhouse, Steven. And sales continue to trend upwards. These numbers prove that Costco is rewarded by their employees for paying them significantly higher than the industry average.Find a great collection of Sustainability at Costco.

Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Sustainability products. Yeah in college I did case studies on Walmart and Costco - focusing on their treatment of employees, social responsibility programs, and how it impacts costs.

What Costco is doing is trying to reduce turnover and give incentive to employees. Costco is clearly working to be a benevolent corporation; they are leaders of corporate social responsibility and environmental issues, but they are not perfect in either aspect.


Costco Wholesale’s Stakeholders: A CSR Analysis

Costco will appoint or retain a Chief Compliance Officer who will directly report corporate governance guidelines, and provide oversight with respect to corporate governance and The Governance Committee shall exercise reasonable oversight with respect to the implementation and.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability data for Costco Wholesale Corporation, Grocery and Related Product Wholesalers and USA. Environment 47 Employees 53 .

An examination of the exercise of corporate social responsibility of costco wholesale corporation an
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