An overview of the land mines contributing to the danger of international security

Also, children are far more likely to die from their mine injuries than are adults. Few war-torn nations are able to mount such programmes alone. There are wonderful individuals helping land-mine victims, such as Australian Chris Minko, who has worked since with disability groups in Cambodia; but programs for survivors are inadequate in most of the countries which still record new mine casualties.

If they are too young to read or are illiterate, signs posted to warn them of the presence of mines are useless. Majid Fityani, the Palestinian governor of the nearby city of Jericho, welcomed the de-mining.

Some 41 nations are now on record as being in favour of the permanent elimination of land-mines.

Jesus' baptism site being cleared of land mines

Even though many nonsignatories have de facto followed the obligations of the Mine Ban Treaty, being part of it would be the best way to ensure that the world becomes free of land mines. Israel captured the West Bank during the Middle East war and began planting the land mines on church land and in the surrounding area to protect it from enemies.

A sign warning against land mines hanging in front of abandoned Christian monastery buildings Eight churches are scattered across the nearly acre expanse of land that borders the baptism site. Many challenges remain, and we cannot afford to rest.

It took almost four years to get all denominations to agree to the terms of the project, a process that saw Cowan, The HALO Trust director, meet church leaders, including Pope Francis.

Mine action activities are ongoing in dozens of countries while 26 states parties have completed the clearance of all mined areas on their territory under the Mine Ban Treaty.

In just one district of Viet Nam children have died, 42 have lost one or more limbs, and 16 have been blinded as a result of land-mines laid during the Viet Nam war. In short, it restores human dignity and promotes human security. We assume that this was no intent on behalf of the word-manipulators but we ask everyone to form their own opinions.

In the land-mine movement, most of us believe that the near universal implementation and compliance with the treaty would not have been achieved without the continued commitment and activity of the ICBL.

States have also been working to demine and return to productive use large tracts of land, educate mine-affected communities about the dangers of land mines, and provide support to and protect the rights of land-mine victims.

Ottawa Convention

There has been virtually no trade in these indiscriminate weapons since the mids. It contains up to 11 kg of explosives, which can maim or kill the entire passengers of a busy school bus at once. Moreover, competing demands for scarce medical services also mean that children injured by mines seldom receive the care they deserve.

Children are particularly vulnerable to land-mines in a number of ways. Measures to reduce the proliferation and trade of land-mines, such as consumer boycotts, should be explored. HALO also waded into the Middle Eastern conflict, seeking approval to work on the site from Israel, which controls the area, and getting a green light from the Palestinians who claim the West Bank as part of their future state.

Two of the biggest challenges facing the mine ban community in the next 10 years are meeting the treaty obligation of mine clearance and, harder still, addressing the lifelong needs of land-mine survivors.

Unless vigorous action is taken, mines placed today will still be killing and maiming people well into the middle of the next century. Land-mines also have more catastrophic effects on children, whose small bodies succumb more readily to the horrific injuries mines inflict.

The widespread practice of mining agricultural land has led to malnutrition, even to famine and starvation. Mines laid along roads and tracks prevent the safe repatriation of refugees and impede the delivery of aid.

Ninety states parties have completed destruction, and another 65 have never possessed mines. On the other hand, the success of the treaty was by no means assured. The first organized UN de-mining operation began in Afghanistan in with a single man local team, supported by expatriate advisers.

Only per cent of children disabled by mines in El Salvador receive any rehabilitative therapy. It recommends that countries and companies profiting from landmines sales be required to help pay for mine clearance.

Greater attention must be assigned to training local mine clearance teams and to adapting one-size-fits-all international techniques to local needs, the report urges. Although the success of the ban movement and the Mine Ban Treaty have continued to inspire the world, committed political leadership, financial and technical cooperation and assistance, and full and timely compliance with the treaty are crucial to ensure that the Mine Ban Treaty can truly make a difference in the lives of all individuals and communities affected by mines.

Within the area of the church, an armored vehicle dug into the earth, hoisting up a chunk of soil and then straining it through a sifter, searching for anti-personnel mines the size of a block of Camembert cheese.

Twenty Years of Progress Toward a World Free of Land Mines

Landmines are "indiscriminate weapons triggered by innocents and unsuspecting passers-by", says the Machel report. In the distance, a string of anti-tank mines, each slightly larger than a centimeter inch pizza, protruded from the ground.

Not a word about these weapon systems is mentioned in the Ottawa convention. This is a so-called cluster bomb, American built. Land-mines can be blithely spread at rates of over 1, per minute, but it may take a skilled expert an entire day just to clear by hand square metres of mine-contaminated land.Recalling the Ottawa Declaration of 5 October and the Brussels Declaration of 27 June urging the international community to negotiate an international and legally binding agreement prohibiting the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines.

The international community has been much more willing to contribute to mine action than to survivor assistance, perhaps because the destruction of a land mine is an immediate and lasting “success.” The needs of survivors, on the other hand, are complex and lifelong; wheelchairs or prosthetic devices alone will not solve their problems, and.

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Mine removal is a lengthy and expensive business. Weapons that cost as little as $3 each to manufacture can cost up to $1, to remove. Land-mines can be blithely spread at rates of over 1, per minute, but it may take a skilled expert an entire day just to clear by hand square metres of mine-contaminated land.

Improvised mines wreak havoc in Raqqa. Danger and devastation face returning civilians Read More. A global network working for a world free of landmines. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines is a global network in some countries that works for a world free of antipersonnel landmines, where landmine survivors can lead fulfilling.

Anti-personnel landmines are prohibited under the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction (or Mine Ban Convention), adopted in

An overview of the land mines contributing to the danger of international security
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