Coca cola dividend policy

The company first raised its dividend in and has continued to do so in each of the last 53 years, as of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. Dr Pepper offers moderately stable dividend growth and has increased dividend payouts for five consecutive years. Based on these statistics, Pepsi may be better suited than KO for long-term dividend growth investors.

KO has frequently paid out nearly two-thirds of its earnings, but its above-average dividend payout ratio in was caused by a decrease in its EPS and an increase in its dividend. Additionally, based on data provided by Morningstar, Inc.

Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. KO increased its quarterly dividend to Pepsi first raised its dividend in and declared its 43rd consecutive raise in its dividend in Dr Pepper paid out its first quarterly dividend of 15 cents in To be considered a dividend aristocrata company must have a managed dividend policy that has increased its dividend payout for at least 25 consecutive years.

For investors seeking to invest in a well-established company that has a high probability of increasing dividends over the next decade, KO is a relatively safe investment to achieve this goal.

Short- to medium-term investors seeking high dividend growth rates and dividend payouts may consider Dr Pepper.

Although KO pays over three-quarters of its earnings to its shareholdersthis is not extraordinary for this dividend aristocrat. Trading Center Want to learn how to invest?

Coca-Cola Stock: A Dividend Analysis (KO)

Therefore, it paid out Both Pepsi and KO are dividend aristocrats and have a long-term track record of offering and raising dividends. Since KO offers a long-term track record of raising dividends and is a blue-chip company, it is better suited than Dr Pepper for long-term moderately risk-tolerant dividend growth investors.

Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox. This dividend is a 7. As of July 3,based on data provided by Yahoo! Since Dr Pepper is a smaller company than Pepsi and KO, it has a high trailing three-year growth rate of 9.

Although KO had a dividend coverage ratio of 1. KO has an impeccable track record of increasing its dividend. Based on the most recently filed quarterly reports, Dr Pepper has shares outstanding of Based on trailing three-year data, Pepsi has an EPS growth rate of 1.

Although Dr Pepper is not included in the exclusive dividend aristocrats group and has a smaller market cap than its competitors, it offers a dividend yield of 2. In turn, Pepsi is estimated to have a dividend payout ratio of The Dividend History page provides a single page to review all of the aggregated Dividend payment information.

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Beverage industry juggernaut Coca-Cola Co. (KO) managed to rake in a positive return of 9% foralthough it lagged behind the broad stock market as investors favored securities from more growth-sensitive sectors. Let’s examine the company’s current dividend policy and what lies in store for.

How Safe Is Coca-Cola's Stock (KO) and Dividend? Glon's father bought a single share of Coca-Cola The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. About Dividend. Dividends are common dividends paid per share, reported as of the ex-dividend date. In general, profits from business operations can be allocated to retained.

The Coca-Cola Company's Dividend Policy Analysis. For the end of the fiscal year, KO had a dividend yield of % and paid investors an annual dividend of $ per share, which was distributed quarterly.

Coca-Cola Co Dividend:

KO increased its quarterly dividend to cents, from 28 cents inor an % increase. The Coca-Cola Company dividend information for investors.

Coca cola dividend policy
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