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Students will take a close look at the distinctive use of humorous language that reveals a slice of life, with truths about humanity and ourselves that we all can relate to. If you have trouble with any essay or literature question, it is strongly encouraged that you attend help class.

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Students are expected to be in class on time. What still needs work? Students will comment upon the use of diction, symbolism, and setting and how this helps us to see people for who they really are.

Violators will have their phones confiscated and turned in to the office.

Students who are absent consecutive days will be granted an extra day to make up their work. Students may obtain missing notes from other students. Some exceptions may be granted. This is to celebrate their successes, offer solutions for their weak spots, and enable them to ask questions about their writing.

Please check periodically for any revisions. Email the teacher for a list of missing assignments. How do these authors achieve the right mood and tone to make us laugh?

Any writing assignment turned in that does not follow the guidelines given by the instructor will be returned to the student and counted off 15 points late. Student writing should always examine specific literary elements, analyze author craft, and also—crucially—illuminate themes within each text that reveal a truth about the human experience.

Students will analyze this classical example of Greek tragedy and formulate an argument that upholds or critiques the effect of the tragic form as a scaffold for the plot. Alias Grace Quarter 2: The Pearl Quarter 3: The Pearl Analytical Focus: This includes but is not limited to: Students will select a monologue to analyze, and use it as the main basis to support what they will argue is the most pivotal moment for one of the main characters Hamlet, Gertrude, Claudius, or Laertes.

Phones should never be turned on without teacher permission. Regular attendance is imperative if students are to progress in their education. Help Class is in the afternoons, Tuesday-Thursday, from 3: Considering this feedback will obviously aid in their revision process.

What messages about self-knowledge, fate, and power was Sophocles sending through this plays? Formal essays will closely resemble free response questions from past AP tests, and all essays papers more than a page in length must be submitted electronically via turnitin.

The following list indicates the authors that students will study in each thematic unit, and the literary elements which will be the focus of their essays. The rest of our focus during this quarter will be preparation for the AP Exam.

Students will be allowed three days to make up all work including tests missed on the day of their absence. Quarter 2 THEME — discussing central purpose, principles relating to theme, author craft and meaning Novel explication: Students will receive a grade of 0 if they are caught cheating.

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Oedipus Rex Analytical Focus: Students will receive feedback on their writing throughout the drafting process and after their assignments are submitted.For English: All missing or failing assignments are due by Wednesday, October 18th!

This is a hard deadline in order for me to have a few days to grade all the work turned in. Thank you.  About Mrs. Stewart. Mrs. Stewart's English Classes at MRBS. Search this site.

Home Page. 11th Grade English. JENNIFER STEWART – KPAC– [email protected] AP English Literature and Composition is a rigorous course with the ultimate goal of. comprehensively preparing students for the AP English Literature and Composition.

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Lisa D. Stewart, killarney10mile.com [email protected] ext. Rules of the Road *Come to class PREPARED with notebook, pencil/pen EVERYDAY. *Be in your seat BEFORE the tardy bell rings. *Complete all homework assignments on time.

English mrs stewart
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