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Essay on My Experience of School Life

Environmental Club, Social service Group, etc. My school was set up in on the donated land with the help of donated money. My school commences its classes at 9. My school atmosphere is very pleasant and school environment is very clean and attractive there are gardens and lawns, flowers etc.

School is the place where we learn everything with the help of our teachers. My school has also made a name for itself in the field of cultural pursuits and sports activities.

The school canteen is another important part of the school complex. They shape our character, mould our mental attitudes and fashion the basic principles of life.

A lot of emphasis is given to character formation, moral education and acquiring good principles of life. I always behaved well.

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The years that Essay for my school days spend in school are not merely time spent in learning and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spent in moulding our character, acquiring various attitudes and imbibing basic principles of life.

There is a large garden and pond having fish, frog, colourful flowers, trees, decorative trees, green grass etc. Scarcely I had any sad experience.

A small garden full of flower plants surrounds the school building adding to the charm and beauty of the entire complex.

They did not mix so freely with us. Some of the students tend to avoid doing home assignments and never try to dive into the hard work. The twelve years constituting my school life are, without doubt, the best years of my life. There was a lot of fun and education which acquire ethical principles of life.

Every student should try to make his better life and best use of school life because it never comes again after the school session. We learn other things too with our study like discipline, manners, behave well, punctuality and many more etiquette. All co-curricular activities and celebrations are usually conducted outside school time and on Saturdays.

We had a big play-ground in front of our school.

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School days can be considered as the best days in your life, as you had nothing to worry about thus enjoying your time with your friends.

I like to go school daily. The atmosphere of my school is wonderful where lots of natural scenery and greenery are available.

In my school days, I had many friends and some foes. My school was established in it is the branch of bvb group. My school has good qualified trained and experienced teachers who teach us in very effective and creative manner so we can grasp more and more they so give very good decryption to our doubts and so crates more interest.

This continued till I left school.

My School Days (school article)

I was admitted to class III. Regular activities of school life In school, there are classes held daily and interspersed with monthly tests and quarterly examinations. In the morning, after two periods, there is a short recess while the long recess is between We have two types of the uniform, one common uniform and other white uniform mainly for physical training class.

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They do not allow any untruly behaviour or any undisciplined activities by students. I like to go school daily as my mother says that it is very necessary to go to school daily and follow all the discipline.

I always said my lessons well. They are showing his talent by the school.Aug 25,  · MY SCHOOL DAYS Everyone's school days have the memories they can cherish and treasure for life. School days are the most joyful and funfilled with many mysteries to solve and many fights to resolve. Essay on school days is the most pleasant piece of writing depicting the best days of your life.

Check these useful hints for writing an essay on school days. Perhaps, each person remembers his/her first day in school when. After 1st grade, my parents moved me and my brother to Goldsboro Elementary School. I remember being excited, because that meant I would get to ride the bus to school.

The school band is considered to be one of the best bands in the whole region. The principal celebrations in my school are School Annual Sports Day, Parents’ Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Anniversary Day, Founder’s Day, etc., which are celebrated in a grand manner.

A Day in School Life The day begins with a high-pitched yell, "moooooooorninnnnng" from my mother. I wake up tired with a headache as I think I have a cold. My School Essay 4 ( words) School is the temple of learning and get trained for the professional and social life.

My school was set up in on the donated land with the help of donated money.

Essay for my school days
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