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The weather at the site of this battle was dreadful; it was all muddy and sticky, after it had poured for days on end. One problem Haig had with this tactic was that the land was very difficult to navigate.

The first one was to capture Zeebrugge and Ostend, two submarine bases on the Belgium coast. Haig used massed tanks at the beginning of the battle at Pilcken but due to the poor weather conditions he could not continue with this tactic, as the tanks were useless.

He also knew that the Italian Gallipoli campaign had failed miserably and as part of the propaganda back in Britain, for the government as well as the civilians.

As this was happening, the AIF was losing a lot of men that died or could not fight again because of the wounds that they had obtained. On 9 OctoberBritish divisions, with the AIF in support, attacked towards Passchendaele village in terrible conditions.

It would allow Haig to drive the Germans out of France and Belgium. His second was a more long term and relating much more to the war in general. The troops would advance under cover of shells landing just in front of them. Capturing these ports would halt this U-boat warfare, which was causing havoc among merchant ships taking supplies to Britain.

Plumer had perfected a new tactic at Messines, the creeping barrage. Haig however disagreed, choosing not to go along with the plans that he had made for the AIF. He included this in his plans for the attack on Passchendaele so he could launch from the ridge further attacks such as the ones to capture the ports on the coast.

Passchendaele was in effect what Haig saw as another Somme or Verdun to drive back the Germans in victory. The area in Flanders became effectively a swamp.

The Battle of Passchendaele

An attack in Flanders would also hold back the German reserves and relieve the pressure on the French, who were reeling in the wake of the disastrous attack at Verdun that had caused the French army to mutiny.

These parts of the battle were the most interesting to my eye. Haig also needed a major breakthrough as part as the war of movement. Haig had to come up with new tactics.

This also meant killing as many well trained enemy troops as possible.

The AIF lost this battle because of the poor leadership that the officers showed during the battle because of the position they were put in by the Germans. Pressure had been put on Haig to make an attack in Flanders.

Help was on its way in the form of the U. He needed another important victory on the way to the coast that would lift the morale of both the army and the government and civilians back in Britain.More than 15, Canadians died or were wounded during the Battle of Passchendaele.

Many of them drowned in the mud and shell holes.

The Battle of Passchendaele - Assignment Example

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order now. In Haig’s eyes this needed to be a battle crucial to the end of the war for the army as well as Britain. He needed another important victory on the way to the coast that would lift.

Primary source essay about Battle of Passchendaele in This primary source essay will analyze the experience of Canadian soldiers who fought in the Get instant. Essay on The Battle of Passchendaele (The Third Battle of Ypres) Although the capture of Vimy Ridge in April had been a great success, the French offensive that it had been designed to support had been a failure.

The Battle of Passchendaele The Battle of Passchendaele is remembered for its atrocious conditions, high casualty rates and Canadian valor. Canadians, instrumental in securing victory, earned a total of nine Victoria Crosses for their courage. The Battle of Passchendaele Officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres, Passchendaele became infamous not only for the scale of casualties, but also for the mud.

It was a combination of the Environment, Tactics and Poor Leadership that lead to the AIF’s losing the battle of Passchendaele.

Essay on the battle of passchendaele
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