Human resource management in beximco pharma

Each and every section in the department deserves to be complemented for their endeavor. In the increasing raw material every company will be sufferer but company can properly control the overhead.

Whether any training in necessary For whom the training is needed How the train the people Who will train Where to train the people The time frame needed Resources required for the training etc.

Prescription medicines cannot be advertised in mass media unlike other consumer products.

It supports the hardware and software network of the company and the factory. From information thus obtained will help us to identify the gap between the desired level of performance and actual level of performance.

Therefore the actual price of the material is increased. Thus it helps the medical community and at the same time increases the company image outside. Developing multimedia presentation for presentation programs.

Trough out my study I have found that they have some opportunity that they can take being taking proper steps. This reflects the feelings of the trainees about the BPL evaluate employee after training program through how a person react due or after the program on the job.

Factory overhead, selling and administrative overhead is increasing year to year. The cost of items should be realistic as far as possible. It arranges seminars on different issues such diseases and their cures in different parts of the country.

Thus the top management must be involved in designing organizational training plan. Different Instructional Methods of Training There are many instructional methods, and many more variations and combinations of such methods which could be used to achieve training objective.

Designing the cover page of annual report. Company should not prepare the budget on the basis of the requirement of the department demand.

If can, thus, be said that a training need exists when the application of systematic training will serve to overcome a particular weakness. Beximco Pharma strategic strengths include strong recognition of its brands, highly skilled work force and diversified business mix. Making video for products.

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Relevant and reliable cost information can be ensured by implementing by using effective cost accounting methods. Training Budget Training budget is also very important for implementing an effective training program.

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BPL arranges seminar, workshop, and training program for future development of the employee as a big motivation tool. Through this negotiation BPL will be able to reduce the expenses. Basically, percent materials are purchased from outside of the country. Beximco Pharma also prepares cost report for managerial purpose.

BPL is the only pharmaceutical company that has a Multimedia Department. BPL always does insurance of their material. Pfizer India, for instance, had launched two new divisions last year and hired about people, is now looking at consolidation.

Beximco Pharma follows the batch costing method and collocate their factory overhead on the basis of the total production of the batches.Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited (BPL) is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh and acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, excellent manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities.

Importance of Training of Beximco Pharma Limited Subject: Human Resource Management Topic: Report General objective of this report is to analysis Importance of Training of Beximco Pharma Limited.

Management Accounting Practice at Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd: A Review of Costing Function The report is based on Management Accounting Practice At. Management Accounting Practice at Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd: A Review of Costing Function The report is based on Management Accounting Practice At Human Resource.

PHARMA BEXIMCO Each of our activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our customers, our business associates, our fellow citizens and our shareholders.

2 3 Board and Management 3 Major Achievements of the Company 4 The Profile 5 Human Resource: Our key to success 8 Training & Development:. The Company has a three-tier management structure, comprising the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Management Committee.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Beximco Pharma) is a leading manufacturer of medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) based in Bangladesh. Proud to be a member of Beximco Pharma.

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It's a six-week certificate course on ‘Human Resource Management Competencies (HRMC) offered from IBA, DU. Through this course I've learned about generic HRM tools, techniques and templates.

Human Resource Management in Beximco Pharma

I've also learned about HR contribution to organizational success.

Human resource management in beximco pharma
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