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This was one of the more recent headlines involving the Mexican Mafia. These convicts would put aside Mexican American street gang rivalries, protect themselves from overzealous guards and band together to battle black and white inmates.

They took community programs, and devoured them. The Mexican Mafia was established in at a youth facility in Tracy, California. Enriquez, a heroin addict and prolific stickup man, was sent to prison and soon became enmeshed in the Mexican Mafia.

Filling this leadership void were the Pintos ex-cons returning to their gangs, and bringing with them the culture of the prisons. No other gang gained the strength of La Eme. Mexican mafia essay with this new addition to their criminal activates also came rival gangs.

From its beginning inthe Mexican Mafia grew and prospered—in part because the group was ignored. The gang soon metastasized, spreading to institutions throughout California and then the nation. They beat him on the head with a shaving cream can and robbed him. These two Hispanic prison gangs originated as one, have almost the same name, and are both insanely violent.

What the Heck Is the Mexican Mafia?

Prisoners could be ordered to deliver messages. When Enriquez was transferred to another prison, two men approached him on the yard. That growth has been continuous and uncompromising. Savings accounts for prisoners, which were established by the California Department of Corrections, were used to launder funds.

Theft or murder are two tasks that are commonly given to members to prove their loyalty to the gang, as they are two crimes that require a hell of a lot of dedication to commit, given the severity and nature of the crimes.

By the s, barrios had formed in communities across California. As menacing teenagers, they stuck together and protected each other while in Jail.

One gangster Blatchford describes was sentenced to life for -- in a phrase that sums up the senselessness and inanity of the violence -- "murdering a murderer who had offended another murderer.

He was 18 years old. As opportunities opened up for some, others saw neighbors and community leaders move on and were only too aware they were left behind. Together for five years, Rodriguez helped run messages between her incarcerated boyfriend and his allies.

He wrote this for Thinking L. I was being looked at [by Eme]. The streets of L. In the s, the group began its evolution from prison gang to organized crime.

He killed a rival carnal who was on a Mexican Mafia hit list and ordered the shooting of a female drug dealer. This is expected by Mexican mafia essay. Even scarier, if a gang member refuses one of these tests of loyalty, it is common that they will be punished with death.

Today, the gang is mentioned over and over in reports of crime and the prisons, but often without any context, or background. In response, the L. In a short period of time, community service programs became a cash cow for La Eme. All this was governed from inside prison walls. There were many things the Mexican Mafia did not appreciate about the film, but to them, the worst was the multiple male rape scenes.

Enriquez quit school in the ninth grade and, along with his older brother, joined a street gang in nearby Artesia.

This was not entirely new; traditionally independent gangs such as White Fence, Hawaiian Gardens, Florencia, and El Hoyo Maravilla joined forces while in prison. What the Heck Is the Mexican Mafia? Inshe went to the state Capitol in Sacramento with the intent of taking her case directly to the state senate.

At times, the Mexican Mafia could keep the peace. In addition, as the gang became more established so did their criminal behavior like becoming part of the drug trade. Members of this gang tattoo themselves on the chest with this symbol, which is appropriately a black hand.

While these gangs may have been at odds outside prison, inside they had much in common; they had been vetted by gangs, and in prisons faced similar restrictions on their activities, including education and recreation. A member of the Mexican Mafia sent him a few cigarettes and a note, welcoming him.Mexican Mafia Essay The gang I decided to do research on was the Mexican Mafia.

The gang originated in the California Department of Corrections in the late ’s, and is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful gangs in the entire United States. The Mexican Mafia (MM), also known as "La Eme" or EME, is a chicano prison gang started in at Duel Vocational Institute (DVI), /5(1).

Inside the Mexican Mafia

The Mexican Mafia is also known as "La Eme" Their Main symbols are "La Eme", the mexican eagle with eme under it, the letters "MM", or the black hand print which is copied from the Italian Mafia. La Eme was the 1st prison gang in California, unlike other Mafia's this one was created in prison.

Mexican Mafia

The Mexican Mafia’s Constitution was described in a trial. The gang’s sole purpose is to make money by any means through criminal activity.

The Constitution basically stated that the Mexican Mafia is a criminal organization that engages in criminal activity for the benefit of the Mexikanemi. The Mexican Mafia was hailed as a peacemaker in the press. And, in the process, its members had gained control of many unaffiliated gangs.

Still, the Mexican Mafia faced law enforcement scrutiny, and plenty of fines and convictions of members resulted. Mexican Mafia There are many prison gangs in California. Just to name a few are the Aryan Brotherhood, La Nuestra Familia, and the gang of this essay, The Mexican Mafia.

Mexican mafia essay
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