Remain competitive in the airline industry marketing essay

In the case of Southwest Airlines, as a new company, they had to evaluate the market. Unfortunately due to the many factors from terrorism to government regulations clouding the view, it is tough to make sound predictions for any specific airline.

With that main objective they were able to create the most successful airline company in the history of aviation. Scope of Competitive Rivalry — Seller rivalry is primarily national, but competition does occur regionally and internationally as well.

A key indicator is that the load factor represents and determines the breakeven point between cost and profitability. Reliability in the air travel industry is measured by several elements: The limited nature of this industry gives these aircraft suppliers greater power in setting prices.

It is reasonable to say that the effective marketing strategy helped SIA reduce cost pressures in competing in the airline industry through value adding targeted market segmentation. Customers were able to order tickets online and simply use their drivers license at the airport to confirm their reservation.

Dwindling profits are expected to rise among major airlines as the low cast carriers continue to lure the passengers from the struggling giants. For an airline company, aircrafts are costly and vital pieces of equipment. Key Factors for Competitive Success Locations that an airline services — The servicing of particular geographical markets are essential in the nature of the airline industry.

Macro environmental contexts are of concern in these advantages as wider economic conditions impacting on businesses will have a significant impact on SIA if reductions in travelling expenses are sought by business passengers.

Competitive Rivalry in Airline Industry

Due to passenger perception of the safety of turbo prop type aircraft, many companies such as Continental Express are on a high priority mission to convert to all smaller regional jets.

British Airways is often considered a frontline global carrier in part due to its economic success. Also natural disasters such as the tsunami and its impact on holiday passengers in the region may also potentially have a long term impact on SIA.

Plus, they had 10 minute rapid turns at the gate with all stewardesses pitching in to help clean the plane.

Costs include maintenance, fuel, labor, fees and lease payments for operating in airports, and various other costs food, entertainment…. Globalization — Growth potential in the global travel market has led to a drive for globalization in the air travel industry.

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There are a variety of tactics that industries adopt to achieve economies of scale and scope, including increasing their sizes and service offerings. Airlines need to offer routes between markets that are desired and utilized by customers.

Another important consideration for organizations include efficiency. In United had a revenue growth of In contrast to its rivals SIA has preferred policies of adding extra value through customer service rather than ones of pure discounts on prices, Thompson, With the addition of its Philadelphia service, Southwest now operates 2, daily flights to 60 airports in 59 cities across the United States.

Load Factors and Profitability Load factor is one of the most important determining factors of profitability within the airline industry. In contrast to the hub and spoke system, carriers such as Southwest utilize a direct flight route.

Sample Essay on Competitive Rivalry in Airline Industry

The uncertain future of these political contexts also means that future economic impacts on the airline industry remain unclear. These flights are the type many passengers are accustomed too. Evidence from the travel industry.

Low-cost Competition — The rise of the low-cost carriers has forced a change in the competitive environment of the air travel industry. Many of these are owned by independent companies, but have been contracted out by the major carriers and carry the names like "US Express.

The Budget Sector and Challenges to SIA Singapore Airlines is recognised globally as a brand emphasising professional and customer orientated service and this aspect is also one of the most important competitive advantages for the company.

On June 18,the airline started service. These are not the destination delivery options, but this section only includes the air transit part. Southwest charged twenty dollars, which was well below rival fares. This online feature provides additional convenience to Customers by allowing them to proceed to their departure gate without stopping at the ticket counter, skycap, or self-service kiosk.

King had a simple business concept that was pretty straight forward. This may be achieved by utilizing larger aircrafts or by building larger airports and runways UA, Budget airlines focus on delivering reduced cost travel through marketing strategies targeting people who are price sensitive as well as short-haul business passengers.

Technology may also help improve economies of scale by offering more efficient air traffic control UA, And other major airports Acumen, In earlyJet Blue launched service from Logan International Airport in Boston to 5 cities with a total of 11 daily departures.

Company Description Kristen Barson A. It was also the leading carrier in California, Texas and Florida.Marketing and Singapore Airlines Essay. A. Pages Words This is just a sample.

To get a unique essay Singapore Airlines must reinvent itself every few years to remain competitive in the industry and to prolong the stage period not to reach the decline stage.

Threat of new entrance is consider low in airline industry, since the. The airline industry is the highest competitive industry, and I believe a sustainable completive advantage is essential to succeed in the future of the aviation industry.

The competitive advantages that an airline embrace, needs to be based on the airlines strategy and differentiation to competitors. Bottled Water Industry: Competition, Trends, and Strategies Essay. AIRLINE INDUSTRY: Trends, Challenges, Strategies John Wensveen, Ph.D. Dean, School of Aviation Dowling College New York, USA President, Airline Visions The University of Sydney Faculty of Economics and Business Leadership and Policy.

A Competitive Analysis of Airline Industry: A Case Study on Biman Bangladesh Airlines Airlines, Airline Industry. I. Introduction share and to sustain in the competitive market for the long run? Aim And Objectives I. Aim.

Business Economics the Airline Industry:&nbspTerm Paper

Market size – Total revenue was $ billion for the airline industry for 2. Scope of Competitive Rivalry – Seller rivalry is primarily national, but competition does occur regionally and.

The Airline Industry essay. Marketing focuses on matching customers with the products or services that satisfy some of their needs. Essential elements of marketing include analysis of the target market, market segmentation, targeting the chosen customer segments, positioning of products and services, etc.

Remain competitive in the airline industry marketing essay
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