Should smoking be banned in public places essay help

In fact, smoking not only kills the smoker, hazards innocent non-smokers, but also ruins the natural ecosystem and environment. Opponents of such a ban argue against it for several reasons. Smoking Is Not Fashionable Anymore! Moreover, passive smoke also affects 35, to 40, non-smokers to develop the heart disease.

Some people think they have a right to choose whether or not to smoke. Smoking in public places should not only be banned, it should come with heavy penalties, such as outlandish fines, criminal charges and, if possible, public beatings. Allanah, who is a non-smoker, thinks smoking in public area should not be prohibited because smokers should have a right and freedom, such as walking on the street or anywhere same as other people.

In order to prepare an argumentative essay on smoking in public places, the writer must consider several factors: In addition, you must back legal arguments using the legal framework in existence in good detail.

One of these factors is the laws and regulations that govern any country. More articles to read: How about banning smoking anywhere a fire could start, any place that could endanger others?

Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places Essay Sample

The article says over 4, varied chemicals, which can cause cancer, include in the cigarette. However, if the smokers who are told smoking is prohibited in public places, they will be exploited the right with smoking.

Some people are addicted to smoking, and they cannot be isolated from non-smokers. When the tree is burnt out by that cigarette butt, it probably causes the disaster that we cannot estimate.

Passive smoke is created by the flaming and smoking of tobacco products, which contain many carcinogens chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide. It is emotive, and controversial. This announcement gave me deeply impression that cigarette was harmful our health absolutely.

Smoking not only affects smokers but also threatens the life of non-smokers. The writer needs to read extensively relevant materials that explain what the law of the land is regarding smoking.

Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned

Write about the following topic: However, this issue always provides a lot of controversy. Smoking is not against the law, so individuals should have the freedom to smoke where they wish.

Write at least words. Anyone around them can develop cancers of the lungs, mouth and throat, and other sites in the body. He also says he does not favor the odor of smoking and to be surrounded by the people who are smoking, but he thinks everyone should have a right.

Banning public smoking benefits everyone, including the smoker. An announcement was played after he had died in lung cancer, which was caused by smoking. Therefore, it is no doubt that smoking should be banned in public places in order to protect all people and environment. It will produce much poisoned gas, which affects environment seriously.

In the article, the statement of restaurant revenue implies that the income of restaurant for this year is less 0. Nasal sinus cancers and the death rate of heart disease are also caused by the passive smoke, which exposes to the air.

More essays like this: The claims that second hand smoke leads to serious health problems must be the strong focus. It should be banned on a national scale. It is obvious that smoking not only affects the health of smokers, but also harms other people who are not smoking. In such countries, smokers are expected make ethical decisions and think about the effect of their smoke on the people who do not smoke.

The reason is that some people may argue that smoking in public places has no negative effects that warrant its ban, while others may argue out that smoking in public places is so bad and dangerous that governments should ban it completely in towns.

Firstly, smoking gets a fire easily.

This is bad because they do not possess the foresight and self-preservation experience to avoid doing things that could one day kill them. The American government has yet to criminalize the use of all tobacco products, mostly because of billion-dollar companies like Phillip Morris, out of Richmond, Virginia, pays millions of dollars in taxes annually.

Banning smoking in public places is a wonderful idea and should be taken up by every single jurisdiction, municipality, city, hole-in-the-wall town and county in the country.3) Smoking should not be banned in public places Affects establishments known to be frequented by smokers Based on a study that conducted in several Ontario cities (Ottawa, London, Kingston and Kitchener), after smoking was ban, sales at bars and pubs were decreased by.

Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places Essay Sample I remember that when I was child, I saw one public service announcement in the television that was performed by Yul Brynner, who was an actor of “The King and I”. Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places Essay Why the Death Penalty Should be Banned Michail Allette Katrina Smith November 17, ENC Why the Death Penalty Should Be Banned The issue of whether the death penalty should or should not be banned is a popular, controversial issue that has been going on for over a hundred years.

Smoking should be banned in public places because non-smokers have a right to clean air, and because second hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking a cigarette. However, smoking should not be banned in public places because it is the smoker's choice to smoke just as it is the non-smokers choice not to smoke.

Apr 07,  · Smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes in public places should be banned because it’s offensive to the non-smokers who have to endure the smoke, the butts, the mess and the smell. Consider the typical public place – a market door entrance, a park bench, an killarney10mile.comon: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, Smoking In Public Places Should be Banned Essay - Do you mind people smoking around you in public places.

According to the pro-smoking group Air Initiative 7 in 10 of you do.

Should smoking be banned in public places essay help
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