Should there be a criminal offence for a doctor who assists the suicide of a patient

I want them to remember me as a fighter, loving, caring, hard working individual… Margaret May 23, But I was struck by your sincerity.

You are NOT the one who is suffering; they are.

Assisted suicide

If a person, wants to commit suicide with the aid of a loved one, then respect their decision and right to do so! Physician-assisted suicide has been legal in the Province of Quebec since June 5, It has and will always be a control mechanism in the same way religion is a self policing mechanism.

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to end their life, ranging from severe depression to terminal illness, and in fact suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States.

After a lengthy delay, the House of Commons passed a Bill C in mid June that allows for doctor-assisted suicide. Supreme Court reached a similar conclusion -- ruling that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide -- states are free to enact such laws.

Is Assisting With Suicide a Crime?

Depending on the circumstances, euthanasia is regarded as either manslaughter or murder and is punishable by up to life imprisonment. If someone reaches that point, the law should not be able to prosecute someone who believes that it will help them delete that pain.

There are two major public policy reasons why assisting with suicide, a crime in most states, is generally frowned upon. This fear of legal action has led many doctors to refuse to perform the procedure, in spite of its legality.

Reply Link Michael February 2,6: Patient is given multiple opportunities to change their mind. Ironically, those in the medical field will seldom want life extending procedures done to themselves as they see what it really does to the body.

We have constitutional rights in place for a reason and they need to be exercised by every human being in this world.

Is Suicide Illegal? Suicide Laws By Country

I was found to be bipolar and put on medication. Patient is mentally competent, terminally ill, and predicted to live only a short while typically six months.

But while the U. You are right, of course, in what you say, but religion and the awkwardness of people keeps the discussion from happening. I also believe that we are insignificant microbes on a tiny pebble hurtling through space — and that is the stumbling block most people have — to accept their meaningless — that we are born, live, die and rot.

The phones did not work consistently enough to call out. It is amongst the most helpful literature on the subject I have ever encountered.

Next Steps Contact a qualified health care attorney to help navigate legal issues around your health care. They get less of my money. Goes to show you how messed up our society really is! It is hard to find among the gobs of data on assisted suicide etc. Euthanasia in Australia Assisted suicide is currently illegal throughout Australia with the exception of Victoria where the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act Victoria was passed on 29 November Only Christ can do that.

Assisted Suicide Laws in the United States

Generally, someone assists with a suicide when they:Such an offence should be charged under the Criminal Attempts Act This enables an individual to be prosecuted even where the victim does not go on to commit or attempt to commit suicide.

Whether there is sufficient evidence of an attempt to assist suicide will depend on the factual circumstances of the case. Cases of encouraging or. The Court said that doctors can use the patient’s consent as a defense Should there be aggravating circumstances, the fixed penalty established may be increased to a maximum of five (5) years; if there should be extenuating A person commits the offense of assisted suicide who.

The Criminal Code Euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is a crime in Canada.[1] Section 14 of the Criminal Code (Code)states that no person can consent to have death inflicted on them.[2] Any such consent does not negate that that person‘s criminal responsibility for killing an individual.

For example, a doctor may not consensually administer a lethal dosage of medicine to a patient%(1). A new criminal offence for doctors The government is introducing a new criminal offence for healthcare workers who wilfully neglect or ill-treat patients.

The new offence may seem uncontentious but, in practice, it could have significant unintended consequences that could negatively impact on the professional lives of all healthcare workers.

May 24,  · ''There are many cooperative physicians,'' said Marty James, a Los Angeles man who is a crusader for doctor-assisted suicide who says he has. Learn about right to die, or death with dignity laws and more at FindLaw's Patient Rights section.

Find a Lawyer; Learn About the Law ; FindLaw Answers; Legal Forms someone assists with a suicide when they: Do some act which causes someone else to die, such as administering lethal doses of drugs; Why is Assisted Suicide Illegal? There.

Should there be a criminal offence for a doctor who assists the suicide of a patient
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