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No Yes What was the reading?

The right advice. Correct cover. Lowered risk.

Was the theft reported to the Police provide officers name, Police Station? For any information about the Code, including a copy of the Code, contact us or the Financial Ombudsman Service on or visit Privacy ment Both Calliden the insurer and Community Underwriting the agent respect your privacy.

This is an independent national body and its services are free to you. No Yes c fraud, arson, theft or any other criminal act? Suffered or suffer from impaired eyesight excluding wearing of glassesloss of or use of any limb or loss of hearing or from any physical defect or epileptic, diabetic, heart or mental condition?

Community Underwriting Motor Claim Form

Other vehicle X In your opinion, was the accident your fault? Calliden and Community Underwriting collect your personal information to assess your request for insurance, to administer your policy, to settle an insurance claim, provide other insurance services as requested by you, and sports underwriting australia callident to notify you about other services or promotions from time to time.

No Yes If Yes, when and by whom? It is authorised under the Australian Insurance Act Cth to conduct insurance business in Australia. No Yes What type of system was it? No Yes b any driving offences or speeding? If we need more information or more time to respond properly to your complaint we will contact you to agree an appropriate timeframe to respond.

If you are liable to pay an excess under this policy, the amount payable will be calculated after deduction of any ITC that you are or may be entitled to claim on payment of the excess. Full Sports underwriting australia callident Was this witness in the insured vehicle?

In all aspects of this policy, Community Underwriting acts as an agent for the insurer and not for you. As a member we agree to accept the FOS decision. Accordingly, I consent to Calliden and its agents obtaining or disclosing my personal information as required with other insurers, insurance reference bureaus, credit reporting agencies, loss adjusters, investigators, lawyers or as required by law to do so.

Section 16 Owner s and Driver History In the last 5 years have you as owner or driver of this vehicle: No Yes Did the driver undergo a breath test, breath analysis or blood test?

Had a car stolen or burnt out? Has the vehicle been recovered? No Yes 2 Been convicted or charged with: Please attach copy of the certificate. Internal Dispute Resolution If you are not happy with our response, please tell us in writing.

Both the Code of Practice and our Complaints Brochure, which contains a guide to our process, are available upon request. I declare that I have read and understood the Privacy information and consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal and sensitive information of all persons covered by this Form.

I consent to Calliden and its agents using the personal information I have provided on this form for the purposes of processing my claim. You can contact the FOS by: You may escalate it as a dispute and our Internal Dispute Resolution panel the panel will review the matter.

This privacy notification provides a summary of how Calliden and Community Underwriting treat your personal information. No Yes Were vehicle lights on at the time of the accident? No Yes or Did you report the incident to the Police? No Yes Please provide details of any other witnesses on a separate sheet.NIBA.

NIBA is a not for profit organisation that is the national voice of insurance brokers in Australia, advocating for insurance consumers. It neither sells insurance products or represents insurance companies, but is the national trade association for licensed life and general insurance brokers in Australia.

sport and leisure related businesses and licensed clubs. Sports Underwriting Australia acts as an agent of the insurer, Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE (ARBNABN 18AFSL ) under a binding authority issued by Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE. Sports Underwriting Australia holds AFS Licence No: Arena Underwriting Public and Products Liability Insurance Policy – Arena Public and Products Liability Insurance Policy – Fire Protection 02 Important Information This Policy is a legal contract between You and Us.

Calliden Insurance Limited Arena Underwriting Pty Ltd. Latest news. Reinventing natural disaster insurance. All new business and renewals with effect from that date are covered by Community Underwriting as agent for Berkley Insurance Australia.

The Berkley Group of companies is led by Berkley Corporation, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. Sports Underwriting Australia specialises in insurance packages for sporting clubs, groups and associations, sport and leisure-related businesses and licensed clubs.

Sports Underwriting Australia's offering to intermediaries includes.

Sports underwriting australia callident
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