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He sought to rally his party for the congressional session and reinforce his chances for the presidential nomination. It took but a glance at his face and head to convince one that they belonged to no ordinary man. Stephen continued to back up the North.

Lincoln had the sense of words, the imagination, the intensity of feeling, which go to the making of great literature; but for his masterpieces he always needed time.

Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas

He is losing strength daily, while Lincoln is surely gaining upon him. Douglas defended applying popular sovereignty as consistent with American democratic tradition, and said it would remove the slavery issue from national politics, where it threatened to rip the nation apart.

Buchanan had used Federal patronage to form an anti-Douglas faction of Illinois Democrats. He would devote as much time to the word or two which he wished to emphasize as he did to half a dozen less important words following it.

In that position it became his duty to frame and report the bills for the organization of the new territory. Douglas dropped the second "s" from his name some years later. By the end of the year, he wrote his Vermont relatives, "I have become a Western man, have imbibed Western feelings principles and interests and have selected Illinois as the favorite place of my adoption.

Stephen A. Douglas

Both became posed in a tableau of majestic power. The year after their marriage, her father died and bequeathed Martha a 2,acre cotton plantation with slaves on the Pearl River in Lawrence County, Mississippi.

When Buchanan supported the Lecompton Constitution and the pro-slavery position on Kansas, Douglas fought him in a long battle that gained Douglas the Democratic nomination but ripped his party apart.

The following evening the two parties chose their spokesmen: The broad, high forehead proclaimed itself the shield of a great brain. The meeting was certainly a failure, and Douglas decided to make no more speeches in that part of the State during the campaign. He looked with longing eyes toward the vast region west of that we had acquired by the Louisiana Purchase.

He kept me busy hunting up old speeches and gathering facts and statistics at the State library. In Congress, he championed territorial expansion and supported the Mexican War. Lincoln, Douglas got the quicker start in life and early moved farther ahead. Without a shared consensus on the meaning of the first principles there could be no real civic life.

This is called popular sovereignty. Can we safely base our action upon any such vague inference? We must try to save the Union. Although Douglas was not reappointed chairman of the Senate Committee on Territories, his allies defeated Buchanan for control of the party throughout the North, and in early he was the front runner for the nomination.

Lincoln had the highest tally on the first ballot, but his block of supporters progressively dwindled until Mr.Free Essay: Lincoln and Douglas Debates The Lincoln-Douglas debates of were a series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln, the republican candidate.

Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A.

Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln essay

Douglas. Library of Congress Reference Number: LC-DIG-pga Featured Book.

Stephen Douglas Essay Essay

Robert W. Johannsen, The Frontier, the Union and Stephen A. Douglas (University of Illinois Press, ). Lincoln Douglas Debate Essay Stephen Douglas was very passionate about the issue of slavery.

He believed that slavery should be decided by popular sovereignty. He felt that the people who lived in a area should decide whether or not there should be slavery in their area. Douglas blamed this issue on the Northern abolitionist because they.

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of Essay - Before engaging in the debates with Senator Stephen A. Douglas, Lincoln was relatively unknown in the political world and was just beginning his career in politics.

Stephen Arnold Douglas was born in Brandon, Vermont in He left New England at the age of 20, and moved to Illinois. He was an important factor in creating the Illinois sector of the Democratic Party.

View Essay - Stephen from EFON at California Institute of the Arts. In a word essay, explain Senator Stephen Douglas attempts at securing a bid for the Presidency.

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Stephen douglas essay essay
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