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These fuel cells are powered by hydrogen and are considered a better way to power an automobile or truck. The goals seem to be to improve existing infrastructure to make it work for future technology.

Some alternatives to modern day transportation that are being studied include the Magley, which is short for magnetic, levitation, which allows passenger vehicles to ride above the rail so to speak, increasing speed by eliminating friction. Here in the early 21st century consumers rely heavily or cars and trucks for daily transportation and planes and boats and trains for everything else.

Firstly, people have become lazy.

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In September, California Technology in transportation essay three permits for Volkswagen, Mercedes and Google to start autonomous vehicle testing under Senate Billwhich requires the state to adopt formal autonomous vehicle testing rules by Soft infrastructure — the realm of concepts, policies and legislation — is rapidly evolving to accommodate the demand for global investment in hard transportation infrastructure.

The ultimate goal for autonomous vehicle technology is to make the vehicle so intelligent that no driver input is needed. ITS is poised to transform transportation into a connected, dynamic component of the city-as-a-system.

While driverless cars may be a long way off, vehicle connectivity is not. However, the world will have to act quickly to keep up with the changing needs of the world population which is only getter by the minute. Light rail and better freight trains, in other words.

Perhaps more importantly, the greater ease in moving about will have a positive impact on quality of life and commerce for residents, visitors and local businesses.

Also part of ITS is the ability to automatically distribute real-time traffic data to websites, social media feeds, mobile apps, and local TV and radio stations. Coordinating traffic signals, giving signal priority to transit lanes, electronic information signs and variable speed limit signs are Technology in transportation essay part of the burgeoning ITS industry.

FutureStructure is a sister publication of Governmet Technology. However, oil resources are decreasing forcing populations to look for alternatives. This freedom has allowed people to spend more time with their family as they can work from home. Travelers depend on traffic condition reports, electronic maps, on-board vehicle performance monitors, real-time transit arrival information, and a host of other services that did not exist a generation ago.

Oil reserves are expected to reach their peak in the next year or so and then decline, sending energy prices through the roof. Department of Transportation estimates that V2V technology may eliminate or reduce the impact of up to 80 percent of crashes involving unimpaired drivers.

For local transportation managers, connected vehicles and connected infrastructure will be tools for traffic data collection and analytics. Intelligent transportation systems ITS are making driving and traffic management better and safer for everyone.

The imminent arrival of connected vehicles is one reason for new visions of transportation within a metro area. Secondly, by working from home, people have no social life. The transportation systems around which the modern world has been built are on the verge of a significant transformation.

Connected vehicles also help in recognizing and alerting drivers to dangerous situations. Several states have already passed laws that allow autonomous vehicles to operate on public roads.

Bennett, senior industry program manager, civil engineering and planning at Autodesk, said while the autonomous vehicle concept is compelling, focusing on V2I and V2V makes more practical sense in cities. However, truly autonomous vehicles, wherein the driver can give up complete control to the car, remain on the distant horizon.

However, excess use of transportation has led to increase in pollution. Yet another developing trend is represented by fuel cells that have low environmental impact and are now in mass production. In conclusion, I believe that there are more demerits than merits of progressions in communication and transportation mediums.

Establishing safety standards for these vehicles is an essential step in that process. Many research and development efforts are focused on these physical artifacts. New technology for on-road communications will dramatically change how vehicles operate and provide information and capabilities for better, real-time traffic management — if the necessary network infrastructure is in place.

The most visible of these investments is the West Coast Electric Highway, which includes charging stations along Interstate 5 in Oregon, Washington and eventually California. The purpose of ITS is to process and share information that can prevent vehicle collisions, keep traffic moving and reduce environmental impacts.

The issue also marks my departure as director of UCTC, at the end of my second five-year term. Using the internet, they can converse with their colleagues and bosses and finish their work by sitting at their home.

There are some reasons why development in telecommunication and transportation is advantageous. Diesel is also expected to play a heavy part in coming technology because it can be made from both coal and other organic fuels.

New technologies are transforming the way we plan, design, build, and operate transportation systems. People should use these services in limit and focus more on healthy living. Magley reportedly improves on existing technology of current high rail systems in operation in other parts of the world.Transportation Essays Strategies to Avoid Car Congestion The mobile infrastructure allows for incorporation of technologies, applications, support, security processes, as well as devices for management and.

Technology It goes without saying that there are many benefits to technology.

Essay – Advantages & Disadvantages Of Communication Technology & Transportation

For example, the Internet provides us with instant access to. THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN TRANSPORTATION Trains of the Future This new state-of-the-art train is operated by magnetic levitation technology.

The train is similar to a Disney World monorail with one big difference: it can travel at speeds approaching miles per hour and makes almost no sound. How has technology transformed transportation?. Over the years technology has made significant differences which effect today's transportation.

Technological development has affected the speed, tracking, communication, efficiency, and effectiveness of all modes of transportation. With the. PTE Essay Topic: Recently the freedom to work and live anywhere has become the main trend due to the development of communication technology and the advantages of these developments outweigh the disadvantages?

Discuss. U.S. DOT Research, Development and Technology Strategic Plan (FY – ) Safety Data Initiative Announced by USDOT Webinar series provides insight into the creation, analysis, management, and use of transportation statistics.

Technology in transportation essay
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