The admiral tomas cloma

The current Philippine claim on Colonia is based entirely on that Deed of Cession. It was realized that to make a legal claim of ownership, the place must be occupied.

In Decemberthe Government forcibly took over Freedomland from Cloma and Associates while Cloma was still under house arrest after spending days in prison at Camp Crame, the headquarters of the Philippine Constabulary in Quezon City. From its seat in Labuan, the Supreme Council appointed Ambassadors and made diplomatic advances with several countries in South East Asia and around the world in an effort to resolve the sovereignty dispute.

The patrol was sent to prevent communist China taking over the Spratlys. You must not only plan but believe in your plans, in yourself.

Admiral Tomas Cloma: Father of Maritime Education and Discoverer of Freedomland/Kalayaan Island

On May 11,together with 40 men, Cloma took formal possession of the islands, lying some miles west of the southern end of Palawan and named it Freedomland.

Even though the Philippines now claim ownership of the Kalayaan group of islands, Atty.

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Brought to reality were Atty. He wanted to put up a fish cannery and an ice plant for his fishing ventures. But on his 92nd birthday anniversary, on 18 Septemberthe Admiral died. Commodore Aquino came to represent the Philippine Navy.

Department of Customs Administration. He was incarcerated at Camp Crame in Manila and held without trial or notification to his family. The curriculum was approved by the Department of Education.

Five weeks later President Magsaysay was assassinated.

Free Territory of Freedomland

Cloma established a name for himself. Only Japan protested but officially renounced its claim in the Peace Treaty of There have been reports that some of the original Colonia settlers have stayed behind, but their fate is at the moment unknown as visits to the Kingdom for the purpose of establishing whether those citizens are alive or dead continue to be under security restriction.

Prompted by Trayler, he also made plans for organising a government for Freedomland. The Department of Marine Engineering was opened in The Paracels lie halfway between the Chinese island of Hainan and the coast of Vietnam.

Captain Cloma protested but was treated discourteously and kept under detention until allowed to rejoin his boat.

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On May 31,Cloma declared the establishment of the Free Territory of Freedomland, ten days later he sent his second representation to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs informing the latter that the territory claimed was named Freedomland.

Marcos said that he had taken steps to protect Freedomland and that the Philippines were in occupation and control of the islands of Pagasa, Lawak and Patag. Cloma silently continued to strengthen his claim to the Freedomland. Captain Cloma found that the houses on Ciriaco and Irenea had been removed, and the buildings on Abad Santos Island burned down.

To avoid conflict, he said, trusteeship of the UN, administered by the US, should be initiated. The Graduates had the same status as those of the government nautical school.Tomas Cloma: The Audacious Boholano Whose Claim To The Freedomland Has Blossomed Into The Present West Philippines Sea Controversy.

This biography tells of the journey of Admiral Tomas Cloma, who pioneered maritime education in the Philippines, and who discovered the Kalayaan Islands.

The book follows Admiral Cloma's childhood and upbringing in Panglao, Bohol, his journey to Manila, his struggles as a political prisoner during the Martial Law, and his accomplishments later.

Tomas Cloma - the man who "discovered" the Spratly Islands Tomás Cloma y Arbolente (18 September –) was a Filipino lawyer and businessman from the province of Bohol.

Cloma was born in Panglao to Ciriaco Cloma, a Spanish settler, and Irena Arbolente, a native of Bohol. On May 11,together with 40 men, Tomas Arbolente Cloma and his brother Filemon took formal possession of a group of islands, lying some miles west of the southern end of Palawan, in the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea, and named it "Free Territory of Freedomland".

Four days later on May 15,Cloma issued and. Long before Boracay's popularity, Panglao Island was already famous to many a seafarers and merchant marine people mainly due to the empetus works of Admiral Tomas Cloma who has left a legacy of being called "The Father of Philippine Maritime Education" and "The Discoverer of the Freedomland/Kalayaan Islands" located.

‘Kalayaan’ on my mind – The forgotten Tomas Cloma

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The admiral tomas cloma
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