The bowl championship series equation essay

If the playoff is instituted, it would be the standard for a successful season, and the pressure is already enormous.

Once these numbers are added together each team will have their BCS ranking number, which most of the time is a number All of these computer rankings are determined through eight newspapers and sports specialists. College football has turned into a huge conglomerate, and each entity has its own reasons for supporting the current system.

The next season, undefeated Auburn University was negated a shot at the national title. This system has been in place sincebut in many cases the selections have been controversial, and has triggered many changes in the current system.

A playoff system would give the NCAA Division I football postseason a little more than twenty meaningless bowl games and a national championship game to wrap up the season, but to get to that I should first explain how the Bowl Championship Series BCS formula works to determine the top twenty-five teams in the nation.

The computer polls already account for these factors, but are added in again after the other polls are calculated. Of the 34 that responded, 22 were more interested in the four-team playoff. Mainly because it will be the fallback position if they do not make the playoffs or to a BCS bowl.

This makes it very hard but not impossible for a team that has lost only one game to move ahead of an undefeated team in the rankings. The true problem lies in the BCS formula of computer polls, strength of schedule, and quality wins.

Jerzy 5 To put all the parts of the BCS formula together simply add together the computer rankings average, the polls average, the schedule ranking points, and the number of team losses. These computer rankings are how these eight sources rank the top twenty-five teams in the nation.

It is no coincidence that the top two poll teams have played for the national title in both years of the BCS" Edwards. Determining teams playoff seed 1.

The answer is easy, a football playoff system to crown the champion. The human polls are subjective, and tend to be biased. Out of the eight computers only the seven highest rankings are used for one team, then the seven rankings worst ranking dropped are averaged out respectively.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution AJC polled all 65 coaches in the six conferences, giving them two options for post season football-the current system or a four-team playoff.

Even thought he system was changed, more controversy resumed. Give top teams a chance C.

Bowl Championship Series

The polls that are used are mostly coaches and sportswriters, who will usually show some bias toward their favorite team. First there are eight computers that are used in the BCS computer system today to determine this part of the ranking system.

That is why the strength of a teams schedule had to be incorporated into the BCS. After winning their bowl game, the were forced to share the national title with LSU by remaining 1 in the AP poll. One comes from the associated press and the other comes from coaches around the league.

Each ranking is multiplied by. For example, in the season, college football had three one-loss teams Oklahoma, USC, and LSU with a legitimate argument for playing in the championship game.

Team losses obviously hurt a team in both the computer and poll rankings, but for each loss the BCS formula also adds another point to a teams BCS total. The last part of the BCS formula is the number of team losses. USC and Oklahoma, also undefeated, played in the national title game.(Purely Opinion) The Bowl Championship Series of Bowl Games system to decide the collegiate national football champion has been exploited for what it is, the collusion between the five major conferences for a bigger share of the annual bowl profits by squeezing sponsors promising a more competitve game than in years past/5(1).

Essay on The Bowl Championship Series Equation - The biggest topic around college football today is the very controversial and complicated Bowl Championship Series or B.C.S.

Equations used in the Bowl Championship Series will determine teams fates throughout the entire college football season. The system is called the BCS, or “Bowl Championship Series”. It was implemented in with one main goal in mind which is to pick the two best college football teams to play in the big game.

Beforethe national champion was determined by vote through coaches and media experts.

Ncaa Football Playoff System

Bowl Championship Series. With glitches in the current Bowl Championship Series (BCS) formula leaving room for error, grievance, and favoritism, polls show that most fans would like to see the BCS work toward an eight or 16 game playoff system while retaining some of the bowl structure because of the need to have a true champion in college football.

Essay on Ncaa Football Playoff System. Ryan Jerzy Jerzy 1 Cady English 26 May "NCAA Football Playoff System" Thesis: The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) formula has been used to determine the top twenty-five teams in NCAA Division I college since Many think this system is inadequate and should be changed.

NCAA Football Playoff System Thesis: The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) formula has been used to determine the top twenty-five teams in NCAA Division I college since Many think this system is inadequate and should be changed.

The bowl championship series equation essay
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