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His body is just a little ways beyond the house, and the neighbors assume that he must have been confused by the wind and walked right past it. She imagines braving the wind and snow to feed the animals, thinking how this small adventure will add a bit of much-needed drama to her life.

Summary Analysis John and Ann are sharing breakfast one cold winter morning in their small farmhouse. The thought occurs to her that each spring really just marks another year closer to death, but she shakes it off.

The emptiness of her surroundings point to the feelings of emptiness and loneliness she experiences. Ann makes a sacrifice of her own when she declines his offer to stay. His expression is not angry, but rather calm and hopeless. John refuses to hire someone to help him with his work, because he is saving up money to pay down the mortgage as quickly as possible so that he can buy Ann a new house and pretty clothes.

Steven comforts her in a slightly condescending tone, and Ann immediately feels embarrassed by her outburst.

He believes that she will be happy if he can buy her nice things someday, and he cannot understand that this attitude makes her feel as though they are wasting the best parts of their live in the presents.

John demonstrates his self-sacrificing nature again by offering to walk an extra two miles to make sure Ann has Steven to keep her company.

This means that they both feel guilty when they relax and take time to enjoy themselves, even if there is no actual work to be done. Both Ann and John feel in their own way that sacrifice is an important expression of love and loyalty.

She tells him that Steven will have shaved, and that John should spend a little time on himself. In this way, we can empathise with Ann through the descriptive passages of her bleak surroundings.

Active Themes John is found the next day, frozen to death. She finds it impossible to say no to his trusting, honest attitude, and offers to wrap his scarf up tightly for the long journey. She knows he is doing his best, and that her complaints seem silly. She imagines that having more visitors over would help keep her and John young, and help them pass the brutal winter until spring comes along.

The emotional setting of Ann is that of the physical environment, isolated, bitter, and cold. She spends the rest of the night standing in the cold draft from the door, listening to the clock ticking away.

She does not admit to herself that she is being flirtatious, as she still feels a strong loyalty to John. While around John she is calm and reliable, around Steven she is hysterical, then just nervous.

Their respective attitudes show that the passing of time is subjective—For John, it is steadily ticking away towards something better. She says she will keep herself busy enough by painting the kitchen. Although he sees his work as a pure expression of his devotion and love for Ann, she feels that every year of sacrifice makes him a little uglier and less appealing to her.

When she tries to go outside, however, she is physically defeated by the violent wind and snow.Essay about Personal Response Letter to The Painted Door - Q: Who is responsible for the tragedy in the story. “The Painted Door” Personal Response Dear Ann I am not writing this to you looking for an explanation just acceptance and understanding.

The Painted Door Essay Sample. The natural landscape and the winter storm in “The Painted Door” serve as a metaphor for Ann’s sense of isolation. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Painted Door, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Loyalty and Sacrifice Men and Women. -The conclusion of The Painted Door” is shocking and ironic, which is what makes the story so effective. The reader is left with a definite, yet somewhat inconclusive ending.

The Painted Door Essay Sample

It is the only instance in the story in which we are not a party to the protagonist’s emotions. The Painted Door Summary Short story A Painted Door written by Sinclair Ross is a story that hides many meanings. The intelligent usage of symbolism and comparisons also add to the amount of thought and understanding being put towards the overall picture.

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The painted door essay
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