To what extent was nicholas ii responsible for his own downfall

In there were strikes, in between January and July, over The capital is in a state of anarchy; troops of the Petrograd garrison cannot be relied upon. However the Tsar rejected this idea, preferring to keep the cabinet he had selected. Alexandra was devoutly religious and strong-willed: On 18 Julyexactly 80 years after their execution, the family was given a state funeral and a Christian burial and, in Augustwas canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Myths spread that Rasputin could perform amazing feats and miracles. But tradition overcame his personal concerns: It was against the background of this widespread unrest that Russia became involved in a war with Japan in But Alexandra and her daughters had, over the weeks, sewn their jewellery into their undergarments lest they could be used for bartering at some point and thus to a degree were protected from the bullets.

He spoke French, German, and English. The Duma that Witte had instated only lasted two months. Alexander II had been a reformer and a liberal, introducing 20 years earlier the emancipation of the serfs and keen to introduce a raft of new reforms.

How far was Nicholas II the author of his own misfortunes in 1917 - Assignment Example

Yakov Yurovsky, in charge of the house, led in a squad of executioners and read a short statement announcing the order for execution. The casualties including dead, wounded, and prisoners, came to nearly 8,over half the total. By December 16 the Russian army was facing total collapse. Strikes became frequent at the turn of the century, and often led to clashes between workers and police or troops.

But the world price of grain had dropped and the discontent among the peasantry was growing. Nicholas II ruled as his father had done. Mary McCauley — Soviet Politics http: She had the enthusiasm of the convert in her case, from Protestantism. By the beginning of - during the third winter of the war - the soldiers at the front were generally demoralised.

Government As the war continued, it became increasingly obvious that the quality and effectiveness of the government of the Russian Empire was under serious question. In February, of course, these developments still lay in the future.

Unrest was also common among industrial workers. Disruptions of transport systems meant that those food products that were marketed did not always reach the urban consumers, but often rotted in railway sidings. He attempted to return to Petrograd but, because of striking railway-workers, his train was diverted, and he ended up in the town of Pskov, the headquarters of the northern front.

To what extent was Nicholas II responsible for the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty?

There is an Emperor, a religious madman almost- without a statesman, or even a council-surrounded by a legion of Grand Dukes-thirty-five of them and not one of them at war this moment, with a few priests and priestly women behind them.

But Nicholas knew little of military affairs, and his presence at Headquarters was more of a hindrance than a help to the generals. History shows that Tsar Nicholas was considered a weak and fragile leader, hence his contribution to the Revolution.

Here shortly after midnight on July 16, they were woken, asked to dress, and come to the basement. This caused the Russian people to view him as weak leader, and they became more hostile towards him. Within months, however, it was clear that the Tsarina had passed onto her son the defective gene that causes haemophilia.

They have failed and now we must shoot you. The food supply situation in Petrograd was especially vulnerable to transportation difficulties, since the Russian capital lay so far to the north of the main grain-producing regions.

The wife of the Grand Duke, cousin to the Tsar, brought an illiterate holy man to the family. There is an ongoing debate among historians about the importance of the First World War as a cause of the revolutionary overthrow of tsarism in February When the mob started to approach the palace the police opened fire, two to four thousand people were killed and wounded.

But he was persuaded by his advisors to attend a planned gala at the French embassy, arguing that not insulting the ambassador was more important than praying for his subjects.Downfall of Germany The invasion of Normandy lasted from June 6th, to August It brought great effects to World War II but mainly Germany.

It was a turning point in the war. The loss of D-Day caused the German army to weaken in power, leading to their downfall in World War II. An artistic representation of Nicholas II, last tsar of Russia.

Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, had neither the qualities or the desire to rule Imperial Russia. A more realistic study reveals a leader who was more responsible for his own fate than is often suggested.

Nicholas was out of touch with his people but no more than other. Nicholas II played, by far the biggest role in his downfall as the Tsar of Russia. Certain aspects of his behaviour definitely contributed to bringing down the Russian empire, however most of these qualities were not weaknesses in character but qualities associated with poor leadership.

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The beginnings of the revolution

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Tsar Nicholas II .

To what extent was nicholas ii responsible for his own downfall
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