Toshiba excite write at10pe-a-004

Go ahead and watch the sample, it sounds like we recorded it in a vacuum. In theory, its inch, 2, x 1, IPS display should sear away our retinas with its splendor, but actually, the opposite happens.

Tablets are no longer a new and untested product category; common sense dictates a different speaker arrangement. Again, it was only by accident that we discovered the fuller settings wheel, accessible by holding your finger to the screen.


Take the Google Chrome logo, for example: Colors are mildly oversaturated, with yellows skewing a bit green, but whites look clean white. With the WiFi being the gatekeeper, you can feel free to run Splashtop at the highest resolution as you will not notice any performance improvement by reducing it.

I was able to purchase a "Universal" sized tablet sleeve for the Galaxy Note for a decent price that fits great except for the notch for the camera, which is cut for the Galaxy Note at the center edge of the sleeve.

As for the photos it produces, generally we came away with decent shots.

Toshiba Excite Write Review

Performance in Sketchbook Pro is definitely acceptable, feeling much like drawing on a Cintiq or a bamboo tablet on a PC. The UI, at first glance, appears to have zero options -- just soft keys for camera, video, panorama, shutter and flash.

TruPen input can be enabled either from within the app itself, from settings or even by long-pressing on the space bar when in a text-based app.

Toshiba Excite Write AT10PE-A-105

Right hand harmon kardon speaker, note the textured surface. Oddly, though, colors seem to be slightly overexposed and also artificially enhanced -- the sky in New York is not that blue. This is a niche product through and through, thanks to its thick build, lack of compelling pen integration, and exorbitant price.

Setup for this is not user-friendly. Instead you get vague customizations like "video enhancement" and "audio enhancement," the former making almost no discernible difference while the latter is more or less a Beats approximation.

Toshiba Excite Write AT10PE-A-104 (PDA0EE-004015CZ)

All lines are the same thickness, regardless of how hard you press. So to sum up my review of the Toshiba Excite Write: The tablet incorporates a Wacom digitizer that, when used in conjunction with the pack-in stylus sorry -- TruPenmimics handwriting excellently.

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Toshiba Excite Write AT10PE

The Toshiba Excite Write is an absolute beast. Its quad-core Tegra 4 processor is the fastest we've seen, its 2,by-1,pixel display is. Our Toshiba Excite Write memory upgrades are manufactured to 's original specification to assure compatibility.

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Toshiba excite write at10pe-a-004
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