Types of sales promotion

Cash refund offer Cash refund offers are rebates Types of sales promotion from the price of the product.

Product managers also tend to view sales promotion as a way to differentiate their brand from that of competitors in the short term. Price deals are usually intended to encourage trial use of a new product or line extension, to recruit new buyers for a mature product, or to convince existing customers to increase their purchases, accelerate their use, or purchase multiple units.

The premium may be given for free, or may be offered to consumers for a significantly reduced price. A bin full of products dumped inside. Consumers are offered money back if the receipt and barcode are mailed to the producer.

Many retailers use inadequately trained sales clerks or have switched to self-service. It used an exchange scheme that literally created a market for inch television sets. The stamp company provided redemption centers where the stamps were traded for merchandise.

The housewife, who buys one brand of washing machine, may get confused when she hears her neighbours praise a competitive brand. They may try a branded tea during a week and when money is spent on a branded fairness cream, for example, in some other week, they may balance this expenditure by using loose tea.

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Some may be paid weekly, some daily and some even by the number of hours in a day. The money can only be used to purchase advertising—for example, to print flyers or run ads in a local newspaper.

Sales promotion

Pull Marketing In Push marketing the company focuses its promotional efforts on the end consumer in order to increase the market demand for the product. These meetings are usually conducted regionally and directed by sales managers.


In simple words Push the Brand to the Final targeted Consumers by giving incentives to the retailers and wholesalers is Push Marketing Strategy.

The slotting allowance is a controversial form of buying allowance. The main types of price deals include discounts, bonus pack deals, refunds or rebates, and coupons. In fact, this aspect may be a compelling reason for shoppers to visit the departmental store.

When a bonus pack is offered, an extra amount of the product is free when a standard size of the product is bought at the regular price.

Finally, sales promotion tends to work best when it is applied to impulse items whose features can be judged at the point of purchase, rather than more complex, expensive items that might require hands-on demonstration. Redemption rates for coupons or figures on sales volume can be obtained within days.

It can be used to inform, persuade, and remind target customers about the business and its marketing mix. Trade discounts also called functional discounts: Price competition is often used by a small brand seeking to enlarge its share, but it is less effective for a category leader whose growth lies in expanding the entire category.

Trade promotion is directed to the members of the distribution channel ii.

9 Types of Consumer Sales Promotion Tools

As a result, companies may use discounts with smaller right digits to mislead consumers into thinking they are receiving a better deal and increasing profit.

A sign that juts into the aisle from the shelf. Promos leverage the key factors of customer motivation. In determining the relative importance to place on sales promotion in the overall marketing mix, a small business should consider its marketing budget, the stage of the product in its life cycle, the nature of competition in the market, the target of the promotion, and the nature of the product.

It has a long-term effect in term of brand value. Used to create the urge of "impulse" buying and selling your product on the spot. Sales promotion helps in getting the brand off the ground.Sales Promotion Examples There are many different types of sales promotion activities you can pursue.

Unlike advertising, sales promotions. Sales promotions that are primarily directed at the final consumer normally in the form of an incentive to make a purchase or undertake some other activity.

There are three types of sales promotion strategies’. Push, Pull or a combination of the two. A push promotional strategy makes use of*a company’s sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for a product.

It involves convincing trade intermediary channel members to push. The Top 10 Most Popular Types of Sales Promotions. When it comes to promotions for your ecommerce store, how can you be sure you’re getting it right?

Adding a discount to your products is possibly the most popular type of promotion. Customers love to grab a bargain, so it makes sense to offer discounts every now and then. When it comes to. Need to about the sales promotion and what are the different types of sales promotion strategies that used in the business world today to promote the sale.

Types of sales promotion
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