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Soon after this Austria and France made peace. He was exiled to the island of Elba. He supposedly died of cancer, but there are rumors that he was poisoned. In Napoleon was promoted to captain. The newspapers were under tight control, and if they published anything with which the emperor did not agree, they would be shut down.

He also instituted the Napoleonic legal code in France, which is still the basis for French law today.

This also allowed him to make the most of his time. When he escaped from his exile on the island of Elba and landed on the shores of France, he soon met the 5th Regiment of the French army, who had been sent to capture him. Napoleon on campaign in France in 1. He was also a very good interviewer.

After this Napoleon was almost impossible to stop. In his life, we can learn principles that are applicable to anyone, as well as dangerous traits common to many dictators in history who have abused their power.

Napoleon also encouraged education and fostered science and the arts. Napoleon on his throne 6. In the states he created, Napoleon granted constitutions, abolished feudalism, created efficient governments and fostered education, science, literature and the arts. Madame, you shall not go out, you shall not go to the theater, you shall not visit such and such a person: He could do this because he had the skills and abilities required to seize favorable situations that he encountered and turn them to his own benefit.

He changed the government again and made himself ruler of the French Empire. He defeated many Austrian Generals. He wrote many letters just about shoes, to make sure that his army would be able to keep marching. He finished his training and he joined the French army when he was just 16 years old.

He subjugated the bandits that that been plaguing parts of the country since the Revolution. He divorced his wife Josephine in and married Marie Louise, the daughter of the Emperor of Austria. However, it can be also said that Napoleon betrayed some of the principles of the French Revolution and his lust for conquest eventually led to his downfall.

Here they froze, starved or were killed in battle. History shows that a nation that is based merely on the conquering of other nations will eventually fall to the mixture of rising opposition and internal problems.

He gained a lot weight, his health began to decline, and with it, his capacity for work. He also made the Napolionic Code: He had earned back respect and he was once again give command of the French Army in Italy. This force of nations coming together to defeat Napoleon did not make things any easier for the French emperor, but by this time, Napoleon was already in decline.

Although much of what Napoleon accomplished seemed to undermine the principles of the revolution, the end result was that many of the achievements of the Revolution were made realities.

What Made Napoleon a Great Leader?

On the battlefield, he carried with him an aura of victory, even in the worst situations. Soon after that Toulon fell and Napoleon was promoted to brigadier general. His father died after that and he had to provide for his entire family.

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Since they controlled the seas, they also controlled trading. He was talented both strategically and tactically. Hitler was also defeated due to many nations uniting together and also because of personal weaknesses and mistakes in strategy.

His family had moved there from Italy in the 16th century.

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In France signed a peace treaty with England and Germany, and was now not at war with anyone. The world would start to realize that a nation built on the democratic principles of the United States of America would become more powerful with its strong economy than a nation always built on war.

He was undoubtedly a brilliant general, and many have counted him as the best general in world history. One way he did this was by skillfully riding the tide of public opinion.

The answer lies not so much the in battles that he lost, but rather in the many internal struggles Napoleon faced. War is not a good foundation for a nation. From to Napoleon attended the Ecole Militaire in Paris.Although he was a proud man, he was not afraid to demonstrate his ignorance if the person he was speaking to could enlighten him.

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He was a man with ambition, great self-control and calculation, a great strategist, a genius. Certain individuals approved of Napoleon's reign as the savior of France. Certain individuals approved of Napoleon's reign as the savior of France.

The main idea behind Great Man theory is that leaders cannot be made, for they are born leaders (Great Man Theory, Assumptions, n.d.).

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a ruthless killer who hungered for power alone. He sacrificed much in order to contribute a great deal to the world by winning battles and discovering things such as the Rosetta Stone in Egypt.

Napoleon Bonaparte's Position as a. How is it possible that Napoleon Bonaparte, the most feared man in Europe, ruler of France, the most powerful nation in Europe in the early 's, could ever Napoleon Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. June 1, Sample Essays.

The Quadruple Alliance was a unified effort with allied nations against Napoleon: Great Britain, Russia, Prussia. - Napoleon a Hero Hero A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially One who has risked or sacrificed his or her life: Introduction Napoleon Bonaparte was a patriotic and passionate man.

Was napoleon a great man essay
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