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A major advantage Wysk offers over other public-records sources is its simplicity.

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None of these list their pricing on their websites, but it is a safe guess that Wysk is cheaper. If you do not know the businesses precise registration name, you will still be able to find it.

New Site, Wysk.com, Lets You Research Business Public Records

Notably, Wysk is transparent about the sources of its data and when the wysk business report was last updated. With Wysk, simply enter a query for a business name, an officer name, or a business address.

Once you find the right business, the unique ID number that Wysk assigns it ensures you will find all related documents, even when they contain variations on the name. Coverage of the state litigation report varies by state. This includes the court where the case was filed, the date the case was filed, the participants, and the nature of the suit.

A pane to the left lets you filter results by business status active or inactivestate and city. This includes the court where the case was filed, the date the case was filed, and the nature of the case.

That much you get for free. Jamea tells me that by the end of August, Wysk will cover wysk business report total of 42 states. It seems to me that one would have to order multiple types of reports on KnowX to obtain the same information Wysk provides. Jamea maintains that the sources of his data and his transparency about those sources makes his information superior to what is available elsewhere.

The biggest drawback to Wysk right now is its limited coverage. Thus, for example, a business registration from California would show that it came from the California Secretary of State and that the data was last updated on July 12, A list of matches appears in the center of your screen.

However, if it lives up to its promise of expanding to 42 states by early fall, it should become a key source for business information. Searching Wysk is as easy as entering a query just as you would on Google.

Here is a sample business report. For each type of information provided in the business report, Wysk identifies where it came from and when it was updated. Also, none align exactly with Wysk in the information it provides. Select any match and a summary of its filing information appears in a pane to the right, showing domestic registrations, trademarks and foreign registrations.

Even then, not all of these records are available online. These reports do not simply summarize this information, but provide the full documents. But tracking it all down can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring you to go from state to state and sometimes to multiple sources within a state.killarney10mile.com provides on-demand business due diligence information, including company profile, officers and directors, UCC and tax liens, and more.

Products Wysk Report. Wysk is a Houston-based company founded in 01/ See Wysk's revenue, employees, and funding info on Owler, the world’s largest.

Wysk Company Profile for FOUNDATION FOR PREVENTION OF CHILDHOOD OBESITY California Corporation | Wysk # X3W77MH United States California Real Estate Litigation Credit Report Get all the information on this business by downloading the Wysk Business Report! What's in a Wysk Business Report?

Wysk Business Report. New Site, killarney10mile.com, Lets You Research Business Public Records By Robert Ambrogi on July 16, A new website founded by a Houston lawyer aims to make it quick and easy to obtain official information about businesses, including business organization filings, certificates of good standing, UCC secured transactions, IRS tax liens, trademarks.

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